Gorgeted Puffleg discovered in 2007

Gorgeted Puffleg Eriocnemis isabellae NOT YET EVALUATED The highly distinct new species is characterised by an enlarged, bicoloured iridescent throat patch (hence ‘Gorgeted’) in males and white tufts above the legs which are characteristic of ‘Puffleg’ hummingbirds. The flamboyantly coloured Gorgeted Puffleg Eriocnemis isabellae, a new species of hummingbird, has been discovered in Colombia. But […]

Sincorá Antwren discovered in 2007

Sincorá Antwren Formicivora grantsaui NOT YET EVALUATED The Sincorá Antwren is restricted to the Serra do Sincorá in the Chapada Diamantina, Bahia. It is found in campos rupestres (rocky montane scrub) while the similar Rusty-backed Antwren F. rufa is found in cerrado, borders of gallery forest and white-sand forest. It differs from Rusty-backed Antwren in […]

Yariguies Brush finch discovered in 2006

Yariguies Brush-finch Atlapetes latinuchus yariguierum NOT YET EVALUATED Crown dark rufous, facial mask black; mantle, wing-coverts, alula, flight-feathers, rump and rectrices closest to black, with virtually no contrast between mask and back. Very narrow line of six short yellow feathers below rufous crown, at base of bill. Throat, malar, breast and belly uniform yellow, becoming […]

Hocking’s Conure discovered in 2006

Hocking’s Conure Aratinga hockingi NOT YET EVALUATED General plumage green; paler to breast and abdomen, forehead, forecrown and eye area dark red; scattering of red feathers to sides of head; also to throat, nape, breast and abdomen; greater under wing-coverts as well as underside of flight and tail feathers olive-yellow; periophthalmic ring whitish; iris yellow-brownish; […]

Camiguin Hanging parrot discovered in 2006

Camiguin Hanging-parrot Loriculus (philippensis) camiguinensis NOT YET EVALUATED The Camiguin Hanging Parrot, Loriculus (philippensis) camiguinensis, is a hanging parrot endemic only on the Philippine island of Camiguin, where its habitat is diminishing. The taxonomy of this population of parrots on Camiguin is uncertain. The Camiguin Hanging Parrot is mostly green with blue throat, face and […]