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Structural conservation and variation in the mitochondrial control region of fringilline finches (Fringilla spp.) and the greenfinch (Carduelis chloris

Greenfinch (Carduelis chloris) Science Article 4 abstract We sequenced the entire control region and portions of flanking genes (tRNAPhe, tRNAGiu, and ND6) in the common chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs), blue chaffinch (F. teydea), brambling (F. montifringilla), and greenfinch (Carduelis chloris). In these finches the control region is similar in length (1,223-1,237 bp) and has the same […]

Sexing juvenile Greenfinches Carduelis chloris by the extent of black on the tail

Greenfinch (Carduelis chloris) Science Article 2 abstract There is increasing interest in the study of the evolution of sex ratios in birds. Correct assignment of sex to fledgling and juvenile birds is critical for studies that deal with differential sex allocation at nests or sexual variation in survival or dispersion rates. Here we describe a […]

Biometrics of Citril Finch Serinus citrinella in the west Pyrenees and the influence of feather abrasion on biometric data

Citril Finch (Serinus citrinella) Science Article 2 abstract Biometric data are an essential component of studies into the breeding biology of bird populations. Citril Finches Serinus citrinella in the Pyrenees mainly feed on pine seeds, and coniferous habitats in the west Pyrenees are of significant conservation importance. The aim of this study was to increase […]

Loss of a Citril Finch Serinus citrinella nest possibly as a result of ant predation

Citril Finch (Serinus citrinella) Science Article 1 abstract Ants have been reported as the direct or indirect cause for nest loss in a few bird species. Here we describe a possible instance affecting a Citril Finch Serinus citrinella nest in the Spanish Pre-Pyrenees. The nest was found on 18 may 2002, when building activity was […]

Taxonomy and evolution in Redpolls Carduelis flammea hornemanni a multivariate study of their biometry.

Arctic Redpoll (Carduelis hornemanni) Science Article 2 abstract Multivariate analyses were performed on four standard measurements (wing-chord, tail-length, bill-length and bill-depth) of over 1000 sexed Redpolls, including samples from all currently recognized taxa. Samples of flammea and exilipes, phenotypically defined by colour were separable biometrically, as were samples of rostrata and hornemanni. Dark Redpolls from […]

Notes on the Hoary Redpoll on its central Canadian Arctic breeding grounds

Arctic Redpoll (Carduelis hornemanni) Science Article 1 abstract G. Ron Austing and I made the following observations of the Hoary Redpoll (Acanthis hornemanni) during the period of 30 June to 15 July 1972 while photographing birds around Bathurst Inlet Lodge at the mouth of the Burnside River on Bathurst Inlet (66′ 50′ N., 108′ 02′ […]

Arctic Redpoll (Carduelis hornemanni)

[order] PASSERIFORMES | [family] Fringillidae | [latin] Carduelis hornemanni | [UK] Arctic Redpoll | [FR] | [DE] Polarbirkenzeisig | [ES] | [NL] Subspecies Monotypic species Genus Physical charateristics Size varies considerably: main Holarctic race exilipes similar to north Eurasian and North American race of Redpoll but often looking plumper, particularly around neck; Baffin Island and […]

American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis)

[order] PASSERIFORMES | [family] Fringillidae | [latin] Carduelis tristis | [UK] American Goldfinch | [FR] Chardonneret jaune | [DE] Goldzeisig | [ES] Dominiquito Canario | [NL] Goudsijs Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Breeding Range Breeding Range 2 Non Breeding Range Carduelis tristis NA, MA Canada to Mexico Carduelis tristis jewetti Carduelis tristis pallida Carduelis tristis salicamans […]