Folklore Zimbabwe, Guineafowl and the little Fowl

A Guinea Fowl and a Fowl became friends ; the Guinea Fowl said, ” Now, we are brothers.” The Fowl went to visit the Guinea Fowl, and found a pot cooking on the fire. By and bye a friend came in and lifted the lid up. In the smoke the Guinea Fowl seemed to come out of the pot. The Fowl said, ” How did you come out of the pot ? ” The Guinea Fowl said, ” I can always do that; it does not kill me when the pot boils.”

Then they went to the Fowl’s house and the Fowl set a pot on the fire. The Guinea Fowl said, ” Why do you do that.”” and he said, ” I want to do as you did. Put me in the pot, put water in and light the fire and when you lift the lid I shall come out.” The Guinea Fowl said, ” All right.” When the water boiled the Fowl did not come out; it was cooked and he ate it.


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