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Why the Turkey wears a red collar

When the smart Terrapin won a running race from the Rabbit by fooling him (another story) the animals wondered and talked about it a great deal, because they had always thought the Terrapin slow, although they knew that he was a warrior and had many conjuring secrets beside. But the Turkey was not satisfied and […]

The Geese and the abbess

Many years ago there was near the sea a convent famed for the rich crops of grain that grew on its farm. On a certain year a large flock of wild geese descended on its fields and devoured first the corn, and then the green blades. The superintendent of the farm hastened to the convent […]

The Eagles

A poster featuring Eagles from the Palearctic region. The drawings are made by Jan Gerrard Keulemans, a famous 19th century artist. I have collected many of his drawings, primarily from his work for the Britsh Museum

Vintage plate of Scaly Thrush (Zoothera dauma)

In 1902 this Thrush was called Whites Thrush, Turdus Varius, it said: Although an inhabitant of Eastern Asia, this Thrush has frequently straggled to various parts of Europe, and as far west even as Great Britain, where it has been captured on at least nine occasions. The first recorded British-killed specimen appears to be that […]

Vintage plate Fieldfare (Turdus pilaris)

In 1902: The breeding-habits of the Fieldfare are only to be observed in the north and east of Europe ; for in every other part of the continent the bird is scarcely ever known as other than a winter visitant. It is fond of the neighbourhood of cultivated land, birch-woods, or those wherein birch and […]

Vintage plate Redwing (Turdus iliacus)

In 1902: The Redwing inhabits during the summer season the far north, but so soon as the cold weather sets in migrates southward, spreading over the whole of Europe, returning again to its northern haunts in the spring. It has been met with as far west as Greenland where it has twice occurred. The Redwing […]

Vintage plate of mistle thrush

From 1902: This well-known species is distributed over the entire Paltearctic Region, although of very rare occurrence in the extreme eastern portion. In Western Europe it is migratory to a very great extent, although in some countries a resident species. When on the ground, and in the attitude of observation, it droops its wings a […]