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Tahltan – Planet of Birds

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Folklore, how Raven colored the birds

Raven called great feast for all the birds. He painted each one a different way, all birds, the hawks, the owls, the eagles, the jays, great and small. He painted Robin red on the breast, Bluejay blue, and a knot on his head. He tied up Ruffed-Grouse’s hair in a knot. He painted Bald-Headed Eagle […]

Folkore, the birth of the Raven

This story tells how the Raven came to birth. It is a Tahltan tribe story, an Indian tribe living in Britsh Columbia and Canada. A number of people were living together near the sea. Among them was a man, gifted with magic power, who did not live with his wife. He did not allow any […]

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