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Dec 27 2011

Notes on the breeding of Striolated Bunting Emberiza striolata near Pune, Maharashtra (India)

Striolated Bunting (Emberiza striolata) Science Article 1 abstract Striolated Bunting Emberiza striolata is recorded in northwest India up to southern Uttar Pradesh (Etawah), central Madhya Pradesh (Sagar) and central Maharashtra (Daulatabad) (Ali & Ripley 1974). Pande et al. (2003) reported its occurrence in Maharashtra up to Sanglidistrict. Satish Pande, Amit Pawashe and Vishwas Joshi, Indian …

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Jul 07 2011

Striolated Bunting (Emberiza striolata)

[order] PASSERIFORMES | [family] Emberizidae | [latin] Emberiza striolata | [UK] Striolated Bunting | [FR] Bruant strie | [DE] Hausammer | [ES] Escribano Sahariano | [NL] Huisgors Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Breeding Range Breeding Range 2 Non Breeding Range Emberiza striolata EU, AF ne Africa to sw Asia and nw India Emberiza striolata jebelmarrae Emberiza …

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