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The Little Owl in Folklore, some stories

In Greek mythology, the Little Owl was the messenger of Athene, the goddess of wisdom. It is possible that the ‘wise old owl’ idea stemmed from this. Because of the association with Athene, the bird was protected and large numbers nested in the Acropolis (Athene’s temple). The image of the bird was used for decoration […]

Birds and folklore from the lower Amazon

Birds of ill omen are present in plenty. Chief among these is the goat-sucker (Caprimulgus). The Takutu Indians have the greatest superstition with regard to this bird, and would not kill it for any price. They say it keeps communication with the dead, and brings messages to their conjurers. Even the common people on the […]

Why the Turkey wears a red collar

When the smart Terrapin won a running race from the Rabbit by fooling him (another story) the animals wondered and talked about it a great deal, because they had always thought the Terrapin slow, although they knew that he was a warrior and had many conjuring secrets beside. But the Turkey was not satisfied and […]

The Geese and the abbess

Many years ago there was near the sea a convent famed for the rich crops of grain that grew on its farm. On a certain year a large flock of wild geese descended on its fields and devoured first the corn, and then the green blades. The superintendent of the farm hastened to the convent […]

Bird Folklore in Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

The stories in this post describe the folklore about birds in Ceylon, currently known as Sri Lanka. Dark plumaged birds like the owl, the magpie robin and the black bird bring ill luck and are chased away from the vicinity of houses. The cry of the night heron (kanakoka) as it flies over a house […]

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