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The Geese and the abbess

Many years ago there was near the sea a convent famed for the rich crops of grain that grew on its farm. On a certain year a large flock of wild geese descended on its fields and devoured first the corn, and then the green blades. The superintendent of the farm hastened to the convent […]

A Murderer Detected through Ravens

A gentleman who had been robbed by his servant forgave him on condition that he would promise to abandon his bad habits. This promise he so far kept, and conducted himself so steadily as to accumulate enough money to enable him to marry, and to keep an inn on a much frequented road. About twenty […]

The Whooper Swan in science lore

According to Bewick these birds, on the approach of frosty weather, associate in large flocks, and, thus united, use every effort to prevent the water from freezing : this they accomplish by the continual stir kept up among them: and by constantly dashing it with their extended wings, they are enabled to remain, as long […]

Bird stories, Magpie (Pica pica) part I

For anglers in spring it is always unlucky to see single magpies ; hnt two may always be regarded as a favourable omen; and the reason is, that in cold and stormy weather one magpie alone leaves the nest in search of food, the other remaining sitting upon the eggs or the young ones ; […]

Bird stories, Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)

Alcyone, daughter of Eolus, the wind-god, impelled by love for her husband Ceyx, whom she found dead on the shore after a shipwreck, threw herself into the sea. The gods, rewarding their conjugal love, changed the pair into kingfishers. What connection exists between this, which is simply a classic yarn, and the ancient theory of […]

Bird stories, Curlew (Numenius arquata)

The sad wailing, cry of these birds, while on the wing, in the dark still nights of winter, resembling the moans of wandering spirits, is believed in some parts of England to be a death warning, and called the cry of the Seven Whistlers. In Scotland the farmers think the cry is exactly like the […]

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