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Dec 31 2011

Notes on the Biology of Chapmans SwiftChaetura chapmani (Aves, Apodidae)

chapman swift

Chapmans Swift (Chaetura chapmani) Science Article 1 abstract In the rolling terrain of the central hills of Trinidad, Frank M. Chapman collected a large series of swifts, among which were eight specimens representing a previously unknown species. These specimens, taken between March 15 and March 27, 1894, near the town of Caparo, Caroni County, were …

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May 08 2011

Chapmans Swift (Chaetura chapmani)

[order] APODIFORMES | [family] Apodidae | [latin] Chaetura chapmani | [UK] Chapmans Swift | [FR] Martinet de Chapman | [DE] Chapmansegler | [ES] Vencejo de Chapman | [NL] Chapmans Gierzwaluw Subspecies Monotypic species Physical charateristics Crown and back black, wings black with a blue gloss. Rump and uppercoverts greyish brown. Underparts dull greyish brown. Throat …

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