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The Cookooburrah and the goolahgool

Googarh, the iguana, was married to Moodai, the opossum and Cookooburrah, the laughing jackass. Cookooburrah was the mother of three sons, one grown up and living away from her, the other two only little boys. They had their camps near a goolahgool, whence they obtained water. A goolahgool is a water-holding tree, of the iron […]

Dinewan the Emu, and Goomblegubbon the bustard

Dinewan the emu, being the largest bird, was acknowledged as king by the other birds. The Goomblegubbons, the bustards, were jealous of the Dinewans. Particularly was Goomblegubbon, the mother, jealous of the Diriewan mother. She would watch with envy the high flight of the Dinewans, and their swift running. And she always fancied that the […]

Bird stories, Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae)

A story told by Australian aboriginals. Jawayak-wayak (Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike) had a sore foot because it had a boil on it. Wakwak (Torresian Crow) went and burst the boil and, as he did so, pus flew up and into his eyes so that now Wakwak has white eyes. After that, Jawayak-wayak went and killed a kangaroo; […]

Bird stories, Crested Pigeon and the Diamon Dove

An Australian Aboriginal tale. A long time ago, the Diamond Dove (Kurukuku) had some nice grinding stones. Every day, she would go out to collect seeds and bring them back to grind to make damper. Crested Pigeon (Mulambada) used to watch Diamond Dove grinding her food and often wished he had some stones like that. […]

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