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The death of the young Sparrow bride

Once upon a time there lived a cock-sparrow and his wife, who were both growing old. But despite his years the cock-sparrow was a gay, festive old bird, who plumed himself upon his appearance, and was quite a ladies’ man. So he cast his eyes on a lively young hen, and determined to marry her, […]

The Magpie who wanted his tail back

An old woman had milked her cow, set her milk-pail down on the ground, and gone to find some twigs and litter with which to light a fire and boil the milk. A magpie came along and dipped his bill into the milk-pail to get a drink of milk. The milk-pail was upset ‘and the […]

The crow as future teller during Kivak Jatra in India

This story describes part of the Indian festival which is known as the Kivak Jatra (Crow Festival). In the early afternoonva procession started from the palace with swordsmen and the honorables, including the Raja, carried by elephants. All along the route every householder stood at the gateway of his garden, beside his offering, a stem […]

Bird Folklore in Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

The stories in this post describe the folklore about birds in Ceylon, currently known as Sri Lanka. Dark plumaged birds like the owl, the magpie robin and the black bird bring ill luck and are chased away from the vicinity of houses. The cry of the night heron (kanakoka) as it flies over a house […]

Bird stories, Lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus)

In Nepal the Mustangi Gurung believe that after hanging the head of Golden eagles and Lammergeier on the main entrance it is believed that the house is safe from evil. A dead Lammergeier corpse and intestine is also an effective medicine for the treatment of diarrhea for the local people and this is still believed […]