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Factors affecting fluctuations of the Aquatic Warbler Acrocephaluspaludicola population of Byelarussian mires

Aquatic Warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola) Science Article 6 abstract Data on the density of Aquatic Warbler and plant associations in the marshes of the Sporovskiy reserve(Byelarus’) were collected between 1996 and 2003. The species density changed between years from 135 to even 0males per km

Aquatic Warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola)

[order] PASSERIFORMES | [family] Acrocephalidae | [latin] Acrocephalus paludicola | [UK] Aquatic Warbler | [FR] Phragmite aquatique | [DE] Seggen-Rohrsanger | [ES] Carricerin Cejudo | [NL] Waterrietzanger Subspecies Monotypic species Physical charateristics Small, heavily streaked, buff-and-black warbler. Strong black streaking on mantle bordered by pale “tramlines”. Pale coronal stripe with black border. Pale lores. Streaked […]