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Flock of Starlings some video’s

Starlings are one of the most numereous birds in the world and extremely gregarious. Outside the breeding season they gather in flocks of hundred of thousands of birds. This quality adds up to one of natures most spectacular views, Starlings flying in a flock. One of the reasons Sturnus vulgaris exhibits this behavior is to […]

Green Heron catching fish with bread

This Green Heron shows some real learning behavior, it actually feeds bread to fish to catch it. The method succeeds, a true testimony to bird cognition. The most amazing is, it seems to be hungry but does not eat the bread like the surrounding Ibises do. I have never seen this kind of smart behavior […]

Lions catch Grey Heron in Dutch Zoo Artis

A tantalizing but horrific video from youtube. In Amsterdam a band of Lions catch a Grey Heron. This video featured on the major news channels. Enjoy while you can, I didnt ask for permission to feature it on PoB but I could not resist showing it to you. httpv:// original video by: Shirroy100