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The Story of the Helpful Lark

Another story of the lark tells of one who went in search of his sister, who had been stolen away from her home by Sila Samodiva. He was directed by a curious dream, in which he saw an old man with a long white beard, who told him to go in search of her, for […]

The Story of the Glass Mountain

Once upon a time there was a man who was under a spell. He got married to a woman, and after a time he suddenly disappeared. He was carried away by the spell, no one knew whither. The poor woman waited for him one day and another day and a third day, and seeing that […]

The Story of the Sparrow and the Crucifixion

Another legend brings us again to the same events. This time it is in connection with the sparrow. It is said that the sparrows were originally much bigger birds than they are now, but at the time of the crucifixion they flew round the cross and cried half mockingly, “Jiviu Jiviu,” which means “Live, live.” […]