Category: Columbiformes

Rarest birds in the World: Polynesian Ground-dove (Gallicolumbus erythroptera)

The Polynesian Ground-dove (Gallicolumba erythroptera) has a very small population, divided into very small local populations, on tiny wooded islets. It has become extinct from several islands in the Tuamotu archipelago. This rapid and ongoing decline, is caused by the introduction of feral rats and cats, habitat loss, cyclones and severe storms. This species is […]

The Turtle-dove and the Nightingale

Once upon a time the nightingale met the turtle-dove. After greeting one another, the nightingale said, “Sister, let us keep awake during the night and learn some tunes to sing.” “Quite agreeable,” said the turtle-dove, “and in the morning we shall see what each one of us has learned.” In the following night the nightingale […]

Bird stories, the Turtle-Dove

In Swabia doves are much kept, from a belief that they are more predisposed than mankind to rheumatism, and that when this complaint visits a house, it attacks the birds rather than their owners. Mahomet had a dove he used to feed with seed out of his ear, which dove, when it was hungry, lighted […]

Bird stories, Crested Pigeon and the Diamon Dove

An Australian Aboriginal tale. A long time ago, the Diamond Dove (Kurukuku) had some nice grinding stones. Every day, she would go out to collect seeds and bring them back to grind to make damper. Crested Pigeon (Mulambada) used to watch Diamond Dove grinding her food and often wished he had some stones like that. […]