Category: Trochilidae

Rarest birds of the World: Blue-bearded Helmetcrest

The Blue-bearded Helmet-crest, is one of Nature’s most magnificient creatures. It is a large hummingbird with a long crest and a beard, making it somehow antropomorph. Read the more poetic description written by Sir John Gould himself: “These bearded birds stand quite alone among the Trochilidae and although not remarkable for brilliancy of colour, their […]

Vintage plate of White-bellied Emerald (Agyrtria candida)

This plate is from around 1850, it was then called White-breasted Emerald (Thaumatias candidus) and the information states: The Thaumatias candidus ranges widely over the southern parts of Mexico and Guatemala, and, judging from the number of specimens which have been transmitted to Europe through the instrumentality of De Lattre, Salle, Skinner, and Salvin, it […]