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The plucking of Eagle feathers, a Zuni ritual

The plucking of an eagle occurs in the house of a prominent shiwanni on the fourth day of a celebration. The process is as follows: The male members of the family are busy arranging plumes for their te’likinawe, when the stepson of the shiwanni is dispatched for an eagle (the eagles are kept in cages), […]

How the Turtle got revenge on the Eagle

It happened thus somewhere in Cameroon. Tawny Eagle and Turtle built a village together. One day Turtle went walking in the forest, leaving Eagle at home alone. As soon as Turtle had disappeared in the forest, Eagle seized Turtle’s child and killed it. When Turtle returned from his going, he found his child dead: so […]

Folklore Namibia, the Hawk and the Leopard

Leopard and Hawk became friends. One day Leopard went to Hawk’s village to pay him a visit. Hawk said to himself, “What thing is it that I’ll cook for Leopard? I have nothing on hand.” Then he flew up into a tree. A fowl came into the village street, Kpwing! Hawk swooped down and caught […]

Bird stories, Lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus)

In Nepal the Mustangi Gurung believe that after hanging the head of Golden eagles and Lammergeier on the main entrance it is believed that the house is safe from evil. A dead Lammergeier corpse and intestine is also an effective medicine for the treatment of diarrhea for the local people and this is still believed […]